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Construction waste treatment production line

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Construction waste treatment production line

Scope of application: construction waste, pebbles, river pebbles, etc

Production capacity: 90-650t / h

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work flow of construction waste treatment production line

The construction waste treatment production line is the product of the mine crushing field under the continuous promotion of urbanization. The production line has diversified design, diversified functions, stable operation and high crushing efficiency. It is a waste treatment production line with obvious comprehensive recycling effect. The process can be divided into fixed construction waste crushing production line and mobile construction waste treatment production line. Different process designs have their own suitable fields and advantages. This paper mainly introduces the relatively novel mobile construction waste production line. The production line has high system integration, more effective automatic operation, and is more suitable for construction waste with single waste composition and large treatment capacity.
The construction waste generated after blasting demolition of buildings is pretreated to meet the feed particle size requirements of jaw crusher, and then sent to vibrating feeder by excavator. The small waste is discharged after pre screening by feeder, and the large waste is fed to jaw crusher for coarse crushing. After coarse crushing, it is sent to spring cone crusher for fine crushing, After that, the materials enter the mobile screening station for screening, the large materials return to the cone crusher for cyclic crushing, and the small materials are transported to each finished product pile by the belt conveyor.

advantages of construction waste treatment production line

1. Higher utilization rate: improve the utilization rate of mobile crusher equipment, with good mobility and extending with the site;
2. Save production cost: reduce the high cost of construction waste transportation;
3. Convenient for supporting installation: save installation foundation cost and installation adjustment manpower investment;
4. Convenient maintenance: it can be directly consigned to the repair shop for maintenance;
5. The supporting equipment is simple: because the spring cone crusher has the function of iron passing, there is no need to equip the mobile crusher with iron remover, so the structure is simple and the investment cost is less;
6. Simplify the production process: move forward with the mining face, simplifying the transportation link.

price of construction waste treatment production line

The investment cost of the construction waste treatment production line is related to the mode adopted by the production line and the difficulty of breaking the construction waste. Of course, it is also related to its location, selected equipment manufacturers, market factors, etc. the specific price of the construction waste treatment production line also needs to be connected with the actual situation of customers. You can directly consult the manufacturer online to estimate the expected capital. The production line can be carried out in all aspects from design to equipment installation and maintenance. More relevant price, plant construction and other information can be consulted online.

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