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Grinding production line

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Grinding production line

Applicable materials: kaolin, bentonite, calcite, gypsum, etc.

Production capacity: 0.18-7m ³/ min

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The materials are evenly transported to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for crushing. After the raw materials are crushed to the required particle size by the jaw crusher, they are sent to the storage bin by the bucket elevator, and then evenly sent to the Raymond mill for grinding by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. The ground powder is blown into the analyzer of the Raymond mill for sorting under the action of the blower, If the fineness does not meet the requirements, return to the grinding room for grinding. The powder meeting the fineness enters the large cyclone collector with the air flow for separation and collection, and then discharged through the powder outlet pipe, which is the finished powder.

The above is the powder processing flow. Now let's talk about the whole operation mode of air flow in the working process. The main source of air flow is the blower. After the powder is discharged under the action of the blower, the air flow is sucked into the blower through the return air pipe at the upper end of the large cyclone collector. The whole air flow system of the machine is closed circulation and circulates under positive and negative pressure. In the grinding process, because the water evaporation in the material and the gap between the pipes in the grinding production line lead to the entry of external gas and the increase of circulating air flow, the balance of air flow is achieved by adjusting the residual air duct between the fan and the main machine, and the excess gas is introduced into the bag dust collector to collect the fine powder brought by the residual gas, The residual gas is purified and discharged.

Advantages of grinding production line

1. The milling production line has the advantages of scientific and reasonable configuration, high degree of automation, small floor area, simple operation and low failure rate;
2. The whole grinding production line has the advantages of less investment, quick effect and good economic benefit. It is a high-yield production line;
3. The grinding production line is equipped with dust removal equipment, so the environmental pollution is small and the working environment is good;
4. The fineness of the finished powder is uniform, and the material conversion rate is high, up to 99%.

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